"Our Awful Prisons"の第4パラグラフ

2017年 早大法1番
Adam Hochschild, "Our Awful Prisons: How They Can Be Changed,"
New York Review of Books (May 26, 2016)


④ アメリカの刑務所、そのあきれた現状
All this was obviously another world from the overcrowded and underfunded prisons of the United States, where classes, if (they happen) at all, are often an afterthought.
When the former Missouri state senator Jeff Smith was sentenced to a year and a day in a federal prison in Kentucky, he hoped that as someone who had taught at Washington University in St. Louis, he would be put to work teaching.
Instead, he was assigned to the prison warehouse loading dock, where he observed and(結果) took part in the pilfering of food by both inmates and guards.
しかし、そうではなかった。彼が配属されたのは、刑務所倉庫の貨物搬入ドックだった。そして、そこで、彼が見ているうちに加担することになったのは、受刑者と看守の両者による食品のstealing抜き取りだった。 >このあと、これが露見したとは書いてない。
A month from the end of his stay he was finally transferred to the education unit- and told to sweep out classrooms.
A computer skills class consisted of the chance to sit at a computer for thirty minutes, with no instruction whatever(副詞);
パソコン習熟クラスは、パソコンの前に30分間座っているだけで終わったconsisted ofだから、こう訳す。何にせよ、全く指導は受けられなかった。
at a nutrition class, a guard handed prisoners a brochure with information about the calorie count of food at McDonald's and Wendy's and released them after five minutes.

Jeff Smith について
ジェフ・スミス 「刑務所の中で学んだビジネス」が、TEDにあります。
Once an up-and-coming (将来が有望視されている)star in the Missouri State Senate, Jeff Smith went to prison for covering up(もみ消すこと) an election law violation. Since his release, he's created a new space for himself as a professor, writer, political commentator and advocate for those he was locked up with (彼とともにlocked upされていた人々を代弁する)


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