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Lynda Radosevich cannot pull a rabbit out of a hat. Still, she became a magician of sorts when she took a three-month working maternity leave to care for her newborn son. During that time, Ms. Radosevich, a vice president for a marketing firm, developed a bag of tricks that could rival any of Houdini's as she juggled work and family duties.

Lynda Radosevichには帽子からウサギをとりだすことはできない。それでも、彼女は自分の赤ちゃんを世話するために3ヶ月の働く産休をとったとき、似非マジシャンになった。その間、マーケティング会社の副社長であるRadosevichさんは、自分が仕事と家庭の仕事を曲芸のようにこなせる、Houdiniにも負けないようなトリックをいくつも編み出した。

When she was [ 1 ] a conference call電話会議中 to colleagues, she would keep her son from crying by nursing him on a pillow propped next to the phone. She learned how to keep her voice calm if his diaper leaked while she was using the phone.


Maintaining the work-life balance "was pretty challenging, but I was able to( 1)pull it off ," said Ms. Radosevich, who kept much of her workload and stayed in touch with the office every day until the leave ended.

仕事と生活のバランスを取ることは「かなり難しかったが、私はそれをやってのけることができた。」 do it 彼女は仕事の大部分を継続し、休暇が終わるまで毎日オフィスと連絡を取った。

Some executive women call it a working maternity leave. Others jokingly refer to it as a nonmaternity leave. Whatever it is, it can be frustrating for the growing number of women who(2)put off having babies as they rise up the corporate ladder and then take time off [ 2 ] the peak of~の絶頂期に their careers to care for their newborns. These women are discovering that they can leave the office but can never really get away from it. 延期した=postpone


That was the case for Katie Spring, a managing director of a public relations firm, who took six weeks of maternity leave after having twins. "I was at a (3) point where I loved my job and I didn't want anyone else doing it," she said. That explains why, after being home with her infant son and daughter for just two weeks, she had four staff members shuttled to her home in taxicabs so she could give them their performance reviews.

それは、広告会社のCEO、Katie Springのケースだ。彼女は、双子を出産した後、六週間の育児休暇を取った。「私は自分の仕事を愛していたので、他の誰かにもそれをやってほしくなかった、そんな(ladderの)段階にいた」と彼女は言った。それは、彼女がわずか2週間を乳幼児の息子と娘と一緒に家にすごした後、4人のスタッフを毎日タクシーで自宅に通わせて、彼らの勤務評定を作成することができた理由だ。

For other executives, the decision to work during maternity leave is financial. "If I had sat out for a quarter, I would have lost 25 percent of my salary," said Robin Labiak, an account executive in Manhattan. When her newborn son was two weeks old, she left him at home in the care of a nurse, and went to Minneapolis for a •day to (4)close a deal. "As great of a relationship as I have with my clients, I knew that if I was(5) out of the picture, they might buy from someone else," she said.
取引をまとめるために=finalize in the picture事情を知っていて=be involved

他の幹部たちにとっては、出産休暇中に働くという決断をするのは経済上の理由からだ。 マンハッタンの営業部長、ロビン・ラビアック氏は、「私が3ヶ月休んでいたら、給料の25%を失ってしまったでしょう」と語った。 彼女の新しい息子が生後2週間のとき、彼女は自宅の息子を保母さんに任せて、一日掛けてミネアポリスに行き、契約を取った。 "私はクライアントとの関係が非常に良かったので、私がこの交渉から外れれば、彼らはきっと他の人から購入するとわかっていた"と彼女は言った。

Executive women say that working while on maternity leave can have unexpected benefits - like being able to get a good night's sleep in a hotel room. But the real reward is just staying on the career track. Ms. Parker, for example, was made a partner at a law firm in Manhattan while she was on her leave. "I got the call from our firm's chairman while I was nursing my son Ben," she said. "That made everything worth [ 3 ].

"管理職の女性たちは、産休中に働くことは、ホテルの部屋で夜の睡眠を十分に取ることができるような、予期せぬ利益をもたらす可能性があると言う。 しかし、実際の見返りは出世コースにとどまっているということだけだ。 たとえば、パーカーさんは、産休中に、マンハッタンの法律事務所の共同経営者に昇進した。「息子のベンにおっぱいをあげているときに、私は会社の会長からその電話をもらいました」と彼女は言った。 「ほんとうに産休を取って良かった。」 

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